Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Yellow Belt

One of the things I really like about James' new preschool are the amazing programs they offer.  They bring in specialty classes like soccer and karate to the school - which is a huge help to moms like me who are constantly running here or there to get kids to school or church, classes or various activities.

When we signed James up - we didn't really know what to expect.  We weren't sure how he'd do - if he'd like it - or frankly what they would do - but figured it couldn't hurt....anything to help him control his body - to stay focused and attentive and not flailing all around - and perhaps address some of his excess amounts of energy would be great.

I think he likes it - he doesn't talk much about it - just that he had class that day - and if he was good - that he received a stamp on his hand.

So last Friday was his official belt test.  I didn't even know what a belt test was - but they invited the class and parents to come to the karate place (studio?  gym?  place where they kick a lot?) and 'test' to receive a belt.

James was thrilled.  So we happily obliged.

For once we were early (rather than the 10 minutes late we always seem to be) so we got a seat right in the front row.
 And because I had both Jack and Anna with me (Deonne had to meet when he got off work) I had Anna snap pictures while I videoed...
 James was so proud.  And he did really well - when he wasn't flopping around acting like a nutcase...

 And proudly received his certificate and yellow junior belt.
 Which his instructor tied on...
 ...that he promptly untied from fiddling with the ends... Daddy tied a makeshift knot in time to pose for a picture with one of his best buddies.

Sweet Baby James.

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