Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Holly Jolly Christmas

James' preschool had its annual Family Sing A Long last night.  What fun.  Each class (starting with the two-year olds) came up to the stage in the church sanctuary and sang a traditional Christmas carol.  They were adorable.  I love stuff like this.  I could eat it up with a spoon.

James' class sang 'Holly Jolly Christmas,' which if you received a card from us you'll find particularly amusing.  I'd planned the theme this year ages ago - and prior to finding out what James was singing - heck, I didn't even know they did the sing-a-long at that point.

Anyway, here are some pictures from James' four-year old class.  He's second from the left, sporting his brand new red bow tie.  And looking especially dapper, if I do say so myself!

 Clearly I need a better lens, or better setting than what I used.  Low light was not my friend last night.

 But you get the point.

Following the performance was a short social with cookies and lemonade.  

 The best part if you ask Jack - he was holding out for cookies the entire time - and between each class asked 'now its time for cookies?'

We heart Ms. Stephanie.  I think James has a special place in her heart.  She is so kind and softspoken and sweet to our boy.

So is Ms. Roberta.  We heart her too. 

Notice Jack in the background sitting on Deonne's lap?  I think that's the third cookie he'd swiped and was stuffing in his mouth.  True cookie monster that one!

All in all, a lovely evening.  The kids were adorable, the sanctuary beautiful, the songs precious.

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