Monday, December 12, 2011

The Singing Christmas Tree

Friday night's holiday activity was sponsored by Shandon Baptist Church.  (Yeah, we're taking full advantage of all of the free Christmas things to do in Columbia this year.)  I mentioned in passing to some friends from church (Victoria and Scott) that we were going - and we ended up making an evening out of it with our families.

Me and Victoria - check out our matching scarves - she made those!!!
 They're great fun, and our children love to play with theirs, so we were all looking forward to dinner out and a Christmas show.  Now, Scott is also the assistant pastor at our Episcopal church, and because we happened to have planned this evening right after seeing First Baptist's Christmas pageant (the Thursday before), I was all the more excited to go out with them.  James and Anna both had peppered me relentlessly on the way home from FBC's pageant - asking all sorts of theological questions that I can't answer.  See FBC's pageant included the life of Christ, including the crucifixion and ressurection.  Beautiful.  Moving.  Dramatic.  Prompting a discussion/barrage of questions from the kids.

Four of our six kids - the oldest and youngest children, the 'Jack's' were missing - our Jack because he was feeling grumpy - their Jack because he was at a friend's birthday party.

It's not that they hadn't heard the Easter story before - rather they hadn't seen it come to life with Jesus pulling the cross down the aisle, being nailed to the cross, then rising three days later.  So the questions ranged between James wanting to know why they didn't take the shroud out of the tomb after Jesus rose to Anna who wanted to know why God wanted his son to be hurt and to die.

Hmmm... after that last one - I said you need to ask Father Scott that.

So she did - and he answered their questions very well, over a fun dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.  Followed by tickets to see the singing Christmas tree - which was fun, entertaining, and something I think the kids enjoyed.  

Let the fun-filled-family-festivities continue!!!

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