Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Breakfast with Santa + Junie B.

In an effort to keep the melancholy feelings that seem to accompany most holidays at bay, I've tried to schedule fun things for the kids.  One of the first events was a breakfast with Santa + the 'Junie B Jones in Jingle Bells, Batman Smells' that is playing at the local children's theatre.  It was really fun - and really well executed.

First stop was a short wait in line to see Santa.

Anna was beside herself - and couldn't wait to discuss her wish list with the Big Man.

I think James was pondering his bad behavior at this moment in time...

While Anna was wiping away tears from a scolding from Daddy for pushing her little brothers out of the way in her attempt to get there first.

Sigh.  Real life.

But everyone finally made it to his lap - and had a chance to share their wishes.

Goody bags for one and all....

...followed by breakfast from Chick-fil-A and Krispy Kreme.

What could be better than that, right? about a visit from Frosty the Snowman?  (Probably my kids' favorite holiday character, even gasp above Santa.)

Or how about face painting from local favorite comedienne Sarah Dippity?
James makes an awfully cute Rudolph, don't you agree?

And Jack was brave enough to allow a Frosty to be painted on his cheek.

While Anna opted for a tree.

And then?   Well how about a parade to the theatre located upstairs?

Frosty 'led them up the escalator right to the theatre doors'

Think 'Frosty the Snowman' tune...

The kids loved it.

And following suit was a production of Junie B.  They rocked it.  The kids loved it.  (So did I.)  What a fun way to start the weekend!

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