Monday, December 19, 2011

Arts and Crafts

I love this time of year.  One of my friends fellow bloggers, Claudia, recently posted something similar - about how much fun it is to see your children come home from school (or in some cases pre-school) with all sorts of homemade projects.  And she's right - the random assortment of papers cut and glued and decorated into various holiday decorations have become some of my most prized posessions.

Take this one for example - this would be James' "gingerbread" house.  His awesome preschool teachers devised a way for the kids to make a house out of a kleenex box - covered with icing and decorated with love with all sorts of sweets and confections.

James was very proud - despite his fat lip from a mishap at a birthday party the day before - one of those dreaded bounce-house places where he always comes home with some sort of injury.

Of course Anna had to get in on the photo-op - and thankfully James adores her and allows her to be a part of his pictures.  Ha!  I do have to pause a moment and point out Anna's shirt.  That's not just any shirt - nope - it's a special shirt she gets to wear on Tuesdays - that would be the day her class Skypes with NASA astronauts in Houston.  Her teacher was one of a few selected across the country to participate in a zero-G program.   It's pretty cool.  Wanna know what's even cooler?  Anna designed the patch that the kids and teachers are wearing for this project.  Our little resident artist.

Speaking of Anna-art - she also came home with a pile of holiday creations.  Her first grade class took a trip around the world, visiting the other first-grade classrooms, which were transformed into different countries, to learn about how they celebrate Christmas.

Complete with passport and stamps...
 they made all sorts of neat things, from poinsettias to snowflakes, brooms to banners, learning the names and foods and customs of celebrations across the globe.

I miss first grade.

And not to be left out, Jack insisted I take a photo of him one morning, chowing down on his favorite breakfast treat - powdered sugar 'do nos.'

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