Friday, December 9, 2011

Light Up The Town

Last night's holiday activities were brought to you by First Baptist Church.  I'd heard really good things about their annual Christmas pageant - and always wanted to go.  Last year I tried to get tickets - but by the time I called - they were out.  So this year, I called as soon as they were available to pick up our set of five.

After a quick dinner from the kids favorite place 'Old McDonald' as James calls it - we headed over to the church - not knowing quite what to expect. 

 It's a really big, really pretty typical Southern Baptist church.  Enormous.  And beautiful.  We got there a bit early to ensure good seats (general admission to different sections - but no assigned seats.)  It was really neat to see the church fill up with eager patrons - especially when a group of soldiers from nearby Ft. Jackson arrived in uniform.  The entire church rose to applaud and cheer and welcome them in.  Anna asked why such a fuss - and seemed to understand when I explained that these soldiers are away from their families - and working to protect us.  She smiled.
 Like I said, the church sanctuary is really big.  As in Really Big.  Jack was pretty overwhelmed.  He didn't move much during the performance - just sort of sank into mine or Deonne's lap - taking it all in.
Anna loved it.  She's come a long way from the child who screamed bloody murder when I took her to her first Disney on Ice show (and forced her to sit in the rink side seats I'd purchased for a pretty penny versus allow her to move up to the upper balcony.)  I know - I'm a mean mommy - probably giving her all sorts of childhood scars that she can work out in therapy later in life.

The show started with a variety of traditional Christmas songs - and members of the church congregation participated as reindeer or carolers or our favorite - the preschool kids dressed up like life-size light bulbs, strung together with a little boy at the end who was the plug.  I wish I'd gotten a good picture of that - it was hysterical.

Then the scene changed, and the story of Christ's birth came to life.

It was beautiful.

Awe inspiring.

The costumes were phenomenal.

At one point, I had Anna on my lap.  I whispered in her ear 'this is what it's all about.  The birth of that tiny baby boy.'

She quietly nodded her head.  It was a precious moment we shared.

A little while later I had James on my lap - and whispered the same thing to him.  To which he responded 'is that a baby - or a baby doll?'


He'll get it.  One day.

Thank you First Baptist Columbia - for a lovely production.  It was so good to pause and remember the true meaning of this Christmas season.  (And the fancy lights, sparkly costumes, and amazing singing and music certainly helped keep the kids interested.)  :)

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