Monday, December 19, 2011

A Breakfast With Santa

Saturday morning brought a special activity for the Party of Five.  We had a great time with Historic Columbia's breakfast with Santa!

We had a yummy breakfast upon arrival - then a lot of time to visit with Santa and make a pinecone ornament.  (I think the craft was supposed to be 'period' specific - and while fun - my only criticism is that they ran out of crafting supplies - we could have used more than what was provided for our artsy and craftsy loving bunch.)

Thankfully there was a lot of one-on-one time for the kids to spend with Santa.  Anna particularly enjoyed this, talking to him, conversing, and reading to him from 'A Christmas Carol.'  (I think she was secretly trying to get back into his good graces after a hard couple of weeks at school and home...)

But I think the part Anna enjoyed the most was having plenty of time to catch up with her bff Ella Grace.  The two have been unseparable since they were three months old.  It's been hard on her not seeing her in school, and even moreso this year since their dance classes aren't togehter due to scheduling conflicts.  She's missed her tremendously, and was t-total thrilled to spend time talking to Santa, making crafts, and running around the historic Robert Mills house and gardens with her.

The kids had a lot of fun bouncing up and down on the joggling board...

 ... especially James...
 ...who ended up having a bit too much fun, was a bit too wild, and ended up having a bit of a reprimand...

Jack enjoyed more time with his buddy Jasper - running around the gardens, playing chase, and eventually splashing together in the fountain.

What little boy wouldn't love that?

All in all, a lovely morning out.  And another great family time spent together with dear friends.

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