Monday, December 19, 2011

Pre-school Party Fun

'Tis the season for school parties - and all on the same day (of course.)  Last Friday all three Party kids were indeed partying kids, as all three had their school 'winter' party.  I didn't get to attend Anna's party - hers was during lunch in her classroom - but I did send along cupcakes, cookies, and snowflake pretzels in lieu of visiting.  I hate that I missed - but am realizing that as a working mom of three - I can't be there to do everything with each child all the time. Boo.  Hiss. 

But I did manage to attend both of the boys' parties ~ thankfully the timing worked out, and James' class was up first.  The students made these adorable reindeer antler headbands - it was so funny to walk in and see a sea of reindeer sitting at little tables, stuffing everything sweet they could get their hands on into their mouths!

Jack's party was next.  You can't tell how excited Jack is to have his favorite snack ever (potato chips) piled on his plate, can you?  Jasper either.  He was eyeing the teacher's bowl of fruit - I so wish my kid would eat fruit like his bff J - instead of being a total junk-food, chip-loving junkie....

Once the chips hit the plate, there was no time to look up or smile...
 ...there was serious eating to do.
The Comer girls arrived and were happy to sit with James at the 'big kid' end of the table.  I wish Anna could have been with us - but there just wasn't time to go all the way to her school to pick her up - and then go back downtown to the University to Jack's pre-school.

But we knew we'd see eachother the next day - so I had to put my mama-guilt aside and focus on that.

Happy pre-school party day!!!

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