Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Official Holiday Kick-Off

We attended Vista Lights this year.  A great family kick-off for the holiday season - when the artsy part of Columbia closes the streets, gallerys open their doors, restaurants offer samples, and there's music for one and all.  This year Lunch Money (our favorite indy-kid rock band) entertained the masses.  They rock.  Their songs are fun for the kids - and maybe moreso for the grown ups.

One of the exciting parts of the evening is the countdown to the lighting of the big 'Vista' Christmas tree.  The mayor was there, along with his kids, who are some of Anna and James' buddies from pre-school.  They saw us in the crowd, and invited them to join in the countdown.

It was pretty funny - James just smiled at the crowd, had a great time, and had no idea that he was counting down to the tree lighting (it lit behind him.)  He just beamed with pride - as if everyone was clapping to praise them for counting backwards.

 One of the local restaurants had cookie decorating ...

The more sprinkles the better, right???

Such goofy kids - and such a fun start to the holiday season.

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