Thursday, April 29, 2010

Working Moms

To all my working mom readers - do you ever feel like you are going to lose your mind trying to juggle a successful career along with the never-ending demands of motherhood? If so, I highly recommend you read this:

A funny and sarcastic and yet very real book about life as a working mom.

It'll let you know you're not alone - when you've lost your kids' school field trip form for the forty-seventh time, your husband keeps walking past the pile of items accumulating at the bottom of the stairs (the ones that obviously need to be put away) like they don't exist, your cat has yakked all over the carpet and the baby thinks it's something to play in, your email inbox has reached capacity because you haven't had time to sort through and reply to some important work messages, and your children seem to have learned how to tune out your particular decibel of vocal tone.

You'll laugh, you'll cry - and it'll ground you.

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