Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Little Update

So once again, I have a few posts piling up in my head - and have yet to put them to text - or to pull pictures of the Party's fun-filled Easter weekend off the camera for your viewing pleasure.

That is partly due to being so busy from Thursday - Sunday of last week - and partly to my attack of the stomach bug that happened Sunday night - and kept me bed-ridden until Tuesday morning.

I'm trying to dig out now - as in - sort through the piles of Easter goodies - find my kitchen sink and counters (that were seriously buried under piles of egg dyeing, cookie making/decorating, lemon meringue pie making, cake pop making paraphernalia....)

And get caught up on work.

Oh, and tackle the sixteen loads of laundry that have accumulated. Seriously.

The abbreviated story is the kids had a wonderful time - enjoyed the fun of the holiday with friends and family - experienced the true meaning of Easter - and I managed to survive the holiday despite the horrendous memories attached to it.

The more involved story with details and pictures will follow.

I promise.

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