Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A "James-ism"

I doubt I'll ever forget this stage with James - but should my memory start to crumble - I want to be able to recall James in all his silly and funny glory.

Whenever James does something - oh - anything - whether it be good or bad, naughty or nice - his standard answer is:

"because I did."

It's so funny to see him say it - with his quirky smile and his twinkling eyes - especially when it's something really naughty that he's done. At least he doesn't lie - yet - he willing fesses up to his crimes.

For example:

"James, why did you hit your sister over the head with a book?"

(hear Anna wailing nearby)

James looks up - smiles his silly smile - tilts his head - then puts on a pouty face - and says

"Because I did."

Okay then. Glad we got that straight.

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