Saturday, April 10, 2010

Comer Eggstravaganza 2010

Saturday afternoon was the annual Comer Eggstravaganza - a family egg hunt/pot luck dinner that we've participated in for the last few years. It's always a lot of fun - tons and tons of eggs and goodies for the kids - yummy food from the kitchens of great Southern cooks - and laughter and fellowship for the adults.

The kids were ecstatic to go - although Anna was less than thrilled to wear her new outfit (she wanted to wear her new Matilda Jane 'twirly dress' ... see post below.) However - ahem - I'd spent hours working on their matching outfits - so I put my foot down and made her wear it. I know, I know - I need to pick my battles - and clothing shouldn't be one of them - but in this case - after all the hours of pinning and sewing (and hand hemming her dress) she was

Once we were there - she couldn't have cared less.

And was ready to hunt eggs!

Jack had a lot of fun crawling around the baby-designated area - picking up eggs and banging them together.
So did Jasper - they're so cute at this age!

James ran and ran and ran - and squealed with delight. He is so exuberant in all that he does.

And then we settled into dinner. I brought ham - with a pecan/bourbon/apple/brown sugar glaze - if you want the recipe let me know - it's soooooooooo good! And sugar cookie pops - that turned out so cute - even I was proud!

Of course, it's not a good party until somebody gets banged up and bleeds. This time it was Jack - who in crawling around and rolling around with some slightly older baby boys - banged his head - came down chin-up - meaning his razor sharp little bottom teeth smashed up right behind the top two teeth - slicing his gum and part of his tongue.

Boy, do mouth wounds sure bleed. A lot.

Once I had established he was under good care (the dad of the boy he was playing with just so happened to be a dentist - thank God) - I had to walk away. Seeing Deonne holding my baby with blood streaming out his mouth and pooling in his hand was enough to send me over the edge.

Thankfully mouth wounds heal up just as fast as they start - and about 20 minutes later he was changed into a new outfit and jabbering away and eating his three packages of baby food.

And mommy proceeded to enjoy a

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  1. The outfits turned out so cute!! And the cookies were adorable! :)

    Are you completely worn out from all of your craftiness? :)

    Hope all is well--we need to catch up soon!