Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ears - Here We Go Again

Yeah - so right about the time I hit "publish" on my post last night - I heard the screeching and squalering from James trickling down the stairs.

The all too familiar squeal "My Ear Hurts!"

So I checked it out (that investment in an otoscope a few years ago was the best $200 I've spent) and discover a bright red bulging ear drum.


We threw on his jammies, scooped up "Georgie", and headed out to the pediatric after hours care - which is my new favorite place. The timing ended up being perfect - there was no one there except us - and we were lucky enough to have one of the peds from our own practice on call. And of course, the diagnosis - raging red ear infection.

I mentioned something to the MD that the last one had been so bad it had perforated - and how we'd had no clue there was even a problem until the middle of the night before it tore - when James kept us up all night screaming and crying and pulling his ear. He gave me a sympathetic smile and said - well, this ear is on the verge - and even if you start the antibiotics tonight - there's a good chance it will tear as well.


On our way out, there must have been about four sick kids (really sick kids) piling up in the waiting room - so I'm very thankful we timed it right and didn't have to wait.

A quick trip to the local pharmacy for a round of Augmentin (flavored with raspberries - James' choice) and we were home.

And - I'm happy to report - that a big dose of Motrin followed with ear numbing meds in the ear canal last night, coupled with the start of the antibiotics - has resulted in no ear perforating. Yet.

I fear we're on the track for tubes/adenoid removal for this little Long - and I'm dreading that.

We'll see.

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