Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter 2010 with the Party of Five

'Twas the night before Easter and all through the house - the Party was planning the arrival of the Easter bunny - complete with carrots and water ('cause the bunny might be thirsty after all that hopping around mommy.)

We sat down and read the True Story of Easter to the kids - and talked a lot about how the bunny and eggs were just symbols - and reminded them of what the true story of Easter really is. I don't know why I marvel at this so much - but they really understand. They really 'get' that Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins. They believe. With that whole-hearted amazing child way of believing.

And I am in awe.

And blessed.

And then Easter morning arrived.

And the bunny stopped by in the night and filled the kids baskets.

And left mommy and daddy some treats as well!

We did allow the kids to have a few pieces of candy first thing - then paused to eat a good breakfast - I made quiche Lorraine, fruit salad, and a cheese strudel - then the mad dash to get ready, dressed, and out the door for church began.

I never seem to estimate just how long it's going to take to get five people fed, dressed, packed, and into the car.

Of course, I don't ever anticipate the stumbling blocks that always seem to arise - like Jack - blowing out of his Easter outfit - right before we headed to the car - resulting in scrambling and digging through the box of James' old clothes to find something - anything - that would fit and somewhat match his siblings.

So much for the beautiful matching Strasburg seersucker outfits....
But we managed to get us all into the car, lemon meringue pie and sugar cookies and goodies for the nephews and all. (A side note - the lemon pie was TOPS this year - I try to make it every year - it reminds me of my Dad who insisted we have a lemon meringue pie every Easter. I finally got it right - used the recipe from the "Best Recipe" cookbook - and it was perfect - didn't weep - was lemony and creamy and not runny at all. If you want the recipe - lemme know and I'll type it out.)

We attended the service in Deonne's hometown with his Aunt and Uncle (who are also Episcopal). It's a tiny country church, and we love it. (We also love that it isn't crowded - we don't have to fight for a seat on Easter morning - and once we're there - we're a short drive away from Deonne's parent's house and Easter lunch.)

There was an egg hunt at the church following - which the kids participated in - and loved. James is all for running around at any chance he can get!

And then lunch with Deonne's family.

Followed by the final egg hunt of Easter 2010 - sponsored by Deonne's mom. Now, this egg hunt is much different than the other ones the kids have participated in - in that D's mom likes to hide eggs. I mean HIDE eggs. To the point that the kids lost interest and we adults had to scrounge around inside of azalea bushes and under bricks (yes, under bricks) to find the eggs. I think we managed to find all but one - which she'll look for after the azaleas stop blooming.

Thank goodness she stuffs her eggs with quarters and not chocolates.

We finally returned home around 4:30 - which is right about the time that my tummy started taking a turn for the worse - and I spent my Easter night being sequestered to our bedroom/bathroom.
Not a fun way to end the holiday - especially because I hadn't had a chance to call my mom (I'd planned to do so that night) or really sit back and think about the holiday (what it means) and process some of the thoughts and memories dwelling in the back of my mind.

But all in all - a wonderful Easter.

Praise be the Lord!

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