Saturday, April 10, 2010

Egg Dyeing - Party of Five Style

Our Party of Five turned into a Party of Six (kids) for egg dyeing this year. We had the Comer kids over (six kids - age five and under) to color, decorate, and pretty up a pile of Easter eggs. I'm thrilled to say we didn't suffer one broken egg casualty in all of the crafting, nor were there any major dye spillage incidents.

The kids had a wonderful time - the only real complaints coming from the two older divas - Anna who spent so much time carefully and painstakingly creating works of art felt wronged and cheated that she only got to work on a few eggs (the rest of which were snapped up by the other kids - and mommies - who didn't want to wait) and Ella Grace - who was miffed with her mommy when she learned that her lovely creations would meet the fate of the deviled egg.

Addie Mac created some beautiful eggs - that ended up weighing considerably more once she had piled on crazy amounts of glitter glue and ribbons.

James - well he was just happy to dunk eggs in the colors, roll them around, and pull them out. With his fingers. While banging his spoon and egg-dipper-thing.

Jack and Jasper (as the two babes too young yet to really participate) had the fun of playing together with some of Jack's musical toys. Until Jasper got tired and fussy - and demanded his poor mommy haul him around in her arms.

We followed egg coloring with pizza from our fav pizza establishment - and sent the kids upstairs to dress up and play in Anna and James' rooms. (By this time, Jasper's daddy had stopped by to retrieve him and take him home to bed - and Deonne had arrived to child wrangle - thanks sweetie - I appreciate the time to craft!)

And Nici and I proceeded to make Bakerella's cake pops. For the first time.

They turned out okay. We learned a few things - and had a lot of laughs at ourselves. We made the size of the cake balls too big - which was understandable - because at the time Nici was rolling them - there were 6 kids underfoot.

We learned not to have the candy melts too hot and the cake pops too cold - or they crack as they set.

And I learned when making bunny cake pops - to make sure to put the candy corn "ears" closer together - or else the bunny looks more like an alien. Especially if you are using green candy corn. Then the bunny looks more like Shrek.

Oh well.

They turned out okay - pretty cute - until the next morning - when I came downstairs and discovered the cracking. And because we'd used red velvet cake, and the bunnies were covered in white candy melts - they did sort of look like they were hemorrhaging - but nothing, we decided that would cause a lasting childhood scar to the kids attending the egg hunt later that day - so we went ahead and used them.

The lollipop tree turned out great - and I discovered it was a Martha Stewart craft that was actually easy to make. You can see the directions here. I promise it only took about 15 minutes. Tops. (Except I didn't spray paint the cone - just went with the standard green Styrofoam - and it was just fine.)

All in all a fun night - one the kids enjoyed - down to the last drop - including the final moments of the movie they shared after bath. Gotta love the sight of four kiddies snuggled up together!

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