Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Heart Matilda Jane

So a few weeks ago (St. Patrick's Day weekend) to be exact, my friend Nici had a Matilda Jane trunk show at her house. A chic clothing line for girls and mommas alike.

I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical before I went. I'm more of a "Plain Jane" kind of girl when it comes to clothing. Simple lines, straight seams, plain fabrics, and absolutely no ruffles. I've never been one to 'mis-match' fabrics in one outfit. Call me crazy, but when I looked through the website before I attended the show - I kind of thought a lot of the outfits looked like country quilts with the different floral patterns pieced together.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

The website doesn't do these clothes justice.

Not only were the dresses and outfits so pretty, but the material was so soft and cozy - I couldn't wait to try on the mama line and see what fit.

I ended up purchasing two dresses for Anna, and a pair of pants and jacket for myself.

As the "trunk-keeper" was writing up my order, I commented how much I liked the line - and hadn't heard of it before Nic's show. She said yes, and you'll be surprised how many people stop you to ask where you got these pieces.

I disregarded it - yeah - you sell this stuff - you're supposed to say that.

Oh, but she was right. I've worn my jacket twice now (with the sudden heat wave in Columbia I had to stick it back in the closet.) Both times perfect strangers on the street have stopped me to ask where I purchased it.

Same for Anna. Kind of funny - but at her ENT check up yesterday - I actually caught the ENT checking out the label on the back of her dress - saying 'what a pretty dress!' (Yeah, he's a guy. A cute guy - but a guy. With four small children - but still....)

Oh, and Anna LOVES her dresses - especially her 'twirly' dress as she calls it. In fact, she loves it so much that it has already become a point of contingency between us - the battle lines have been drawn - because she wants to wear it And I do insist on washing it between wears - especially when she spills chocolate syrup all over the front of it.

And I'm lovin' me some MJ as well - the ruffled pants and ruffle-trimmed jacket are LOVELY.

I can't wait for another trunk show - when I can get more of the goods!

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  1. Isn't Matilda Jane fun? They make velour ruffle pants in the fall/winter that are SO great! And everything washes up so nicely. Have fun! :)

    So sorry to hear about James' ear. After having an ear infection recently I have great empathy for the little guy. They are NOT FUN. Hope he feels better soon!!