Monday, April 26, 2010

Birthday Wrap Up

Jack's birthday was a success! It was beautiful (despite the rain) and fun (with all the kiddies running around, who wouldn't have fun) and sweet (of course, all eyes were focused on the sweetest one-year old around.)

Our house was brimming with the people who love our son the most - family, dear friends (who are so much like family that they might as well be), and the ever present spirit of my mom and dad.

I have many many details to share - which will have to come later - as I didn't take many pictures of the big event. I know. Bad mommy. I was just so busy re-arranging everything inside our house to accommodate the outdoor function moving in that I didn't stop long enough to take pictures of all of my handiwork. Thankfully, one of Jack's godmothers is also a photographer, and she hauled around her big camera and took loads of pictures. As soon as I get them from her I'll update the blog again with pictures of all of the little details.

So this non-visual post will have to suffice - for now...

We awoke bright and early Saturday morning to a doom-and-gloomy forecast. I had high hopes all week that the 20% chance of rain "late in the day" would hold off until the night - to no avail. It started raining early in the morning. Promptly after the bounce house guys delivered and set up the bounce house.

I had two sad little faces looking out the dining room window at the rain falling, drowning the hopes of my little prospective jumpers. As the bounce house started to sag under the weight of the accumulating rain water, James cried out "Mommy, the jump house is broken" - with a look that made me almost want to cry.

Thankfully the weather eventually cleared up - and Deonne was able to get out, relieve the roof of its saggy water, and towel dry the inside - and by the time the party started - it was usable.

Of course, the plans I had for the party to take place outside had been completely obliterated - ensuing in the mad dash to re-arrange the inside of our house to accommodate 20 adults and too many kids to count.

Folding food table set up in the dining room for a buffet. Card table set up in the corner of the dining room for a cake table. Tent on the back porch to cover the drink table. Sweet shoppe/candy bar set up in the living room.

And all of my cute tissue paper pom poms and red Chinese lanterns and birthday banners were hung off of chandeliers (looking a little silly) and across windows and the living room instead of from porch railings and from the inner workings of tail-gate tents.

The screen porch worked for a 'craft station' where we set up the sock monkey puppet paraphernalia - and really, it all worked.

I was disappointed, of course, that we didn't have the beautiful sun-shiny days we've had the past three weekends. That the kids didn't get to run and play in yard, or color with sidewalk chalk, or truly appreciate their bubble machines, or play in the sand box. I was disappointed that the adults didn't get to see the fruits of Deonne and I's efforts (cleaning out the yard, planting a gazillion red flowers, mulching, and organizing.) And (truth be told) I was ticked off that I'd neglected the inside of our house so much that I had to run around and clean up like a crazy person - completely thinking the entire week that everyone would be outside and I wouldn't have to worry about it.

But, again, it worked.

And Jack had a ball. He grinned and giggled and put on the biggest show. He loved the bounce house (once he got his 'bouncing' legs). He loved all of the attention and kisses and hugs from friends and family alike. He had fun playing with his little smash cake - even if he didn't/couldn't eat any of it. And even though he probably had no idea what we were doing making such a fuss - I know he had fun.

And that is the most important part.

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