Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Typical Tuesday Night

8:15 - Anna and James are tucked into bed.

Jack is playing on the floor in the den.

Deonne and I are sitting on the couch - exhausted, but happy, and enjoying the peace of one child.

Me: D - I smell something stinky.

D: I don't.

Me: Did you toot?

D: No. Don't blame me. (sniffs the air) I still don't smell anything.

Me: Okay.

Me: No, I really smell something stinky. I think Jack's poopy. I think it's your turn.

D: Okay, I'll get to it in a second.

Me: Okay.

Me: No, he doesn't need to marinate in it - go change the boy.

(Rolling his eyes, Deonne gets up and scoops up Jack. So maybe it wasn't technically his turn - but I think the grand scheme of things - I've changed more poopy diapers than he has - and I was tired - so there.)

30 seconds later - I hear the desperate plea from D "wipes? Don't we have any wipes in this house?"

Rolling my eyes, I get up - go to his room - all the while saying "yes, I just bought a whole box of them - they're in his closet."

D's frantically looking through the pile of school bags in the hall. I'm still not sure why he thought he'd find baby wipes in Anna's school bag - sometimes his thought process amazes me....

I go into Jack's room to retrieve said box of wipes from the closet.

There's Jack. Standing half naked - with his unzipped jammies flapping behind him - his unsnapped onesie pulled up over his belly button - kind of squatting over - with a moderately sized pile of poo behind him.

On the carpet.

Me: Great D, he's pooping on the floor.

D: I can't help it - I thought he was finished.


Thankfully we both saw the humor in the situation and howled like alley cats.


8:45 pm - we hear James squallering - wanting one of us to come tuck him (and his assortment of animals, Woody dolls, etc.) into bed. Again.

9:15 - Jack takes his last bottle and finally goes to bed. At the same time, I hear the Bedtime Jo-Jo doll talking - so go back up stairs (for the third time) to removed Jo-Jo from James' bed and tell him - again - to

10:20 - James has his first nighmare of the night - where the only thing to do is turn on the light, wake him up, and start over with putting him back to bed.

11:00 - D and I retire to bed.

2:00 - James' second nightmare of the night - wakes up crying, wanting "mama" or "daddy."

3:12 - Juna (the black long haired cat) starts hacking up a fur ball. In our bedroom. Right by my side of the bed.

3:15 - D gets up to clean up said hairball - I tell him not to bother - just wait till it dries out and we can pick it out of the carpet in the morning.

5:45 - Jack wakes up for the day - hungry - and wanting his morning bottle.


No wonder I'm so tired all the time.

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