Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Boom Boom Boom...Isn't It A Wonder

Boom Boom Boom ... Mr. Brown can thunder...

The words to this Dr. Seuss rhyme came to mind over and over last night (at about 2:30 a.m. ) We had a doozy of a summer thunderstorm. At one point, the lightening flash was so bright and the following clap so loud, I swear it must have struck somewhere in our yard.

It was that loud.

Of course it woke up the Party (well, not all of them - somehow Jack managed to sleep through it all.) About 3.6 seconds after the really loud lightening clap, both Anna and James were crying out 'Daddy!' 'Mommy!'

Deonne rushed to Anna's room. I to James' room. We scooped them up, carried them back to our bed, and snuggled - the four of us - and waited out the storm.

It was a pretty good show - very bright, very loud. Lots and lots of rain.

Finally it subsided - the kids started to drift back to sleep - we carried them back to their rooms, and all resumed our peaceful rest- listening now to the sounds of soft rain.

While the scary thought of the possibility of a tornado did cross my mind during the worst of it - there was something sweet about holding my two older children in my arms, keeping them safe from the storm.

And this morning - we all laughed and talked about the sounds of the thunder - each child doing their own rendition of Mr. Brown's 'Boom Boom Boom.'

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