Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Exhibitionist

So yesterday, around lunchtime, an email pops up in my inbox.

Anna's teacher is emailing me to tell me that her behavior that morning was so "off" as to prohibit her from getting to swim with her classmates.

In order to teach her that she must be respectful, instead of splashing and playing and learning to swim, she would be sitting in the shaded area of the pool complex, with a book, watching, and (supposedly) thinking about her behavior.

What, do you ask, was so terrible as to receive such a harsh punishment?

Well, aside from being generally disrespectful - not following directions, ignoring instructions, and insisting on doing what she wants... she was doing something far worse.

Being an exhibitionist.

Pulling her dress up. Showing off her undies. And the worst offense? Pulling her undies down. In front of the teacher. And "B.A.ing" him.


So we had a long talk last night about private parts, how they should be kept private, and how she should not - under any circumstances - B.A. anyone - let alone her teacher. Her MALE teacher at that.

And the retribution? No more dresses. (At least for this week.) She's being forced to wear shorts. And for the prissy girl who thinks all pants and shorts are for boys - that's pretty big.

Oh, the joys of motherhood....

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