Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Big Fish In A Little Pond - No More

Anna and I attended the "Sneak Peek" at her future elementary school this morning. It was a big deal for her - and she couldn't wait to go. We carefully chose her outfit , including matching hair accessories and flip flops, and talked a lot about what she would see and do today.

It was a really neat idea - rising kindergartners are invited into the school to take an official 'tour' - inclusive of the kindergarten classrooms, playground, music room, art room, cafeteria, nurse's room, and gymnasium. There were about 30 kids there - give or take a few - and each group was sectioned off to groups of 5.

Anna practically skipped out the door this morning, rapidly buckling herself into her car seat, jabbering the entire way to school about how she was going to 'big kid' school, and the importance of being a kindergartner.

That is, until, we actually crossed the threshold into the school - then things changed. My normally outgoing, exuberant, talkative child turned into the proverbial shrinking violet. She clung to me like white-on-rice, wanting to sit on my lap and bury her head in my shoulder.

That is a bet I would have lost.

I was sure that she would be excited, thrilled, and anxious to see her school - and while she was definitely interested, she hung back, was not willing to participate, and did not volunteer to answer any questions the awesome media teacher asked her.

I guess I can't blame her - she's used to being a big fish in a little pond. She 'rules the school' at the Children's Center. She's been there since she was three months old, and knows all of the classrooms, all of the teachers, all of the hallways, all of the playground.

And it's a little school - her pre-school/child development center.

Now she's the tiny little girl in a big maze of hallways and classrooms. And while she was defiantly interested in the things she'd get to do and learn - it was clearly obvious that she was frightened, scared, and more than a tad shy.

She did perk up towards the end of the visit, and even ventured to ask if she could have a new backpack before she started kindergarten. I assured her that a new backpack was definitely on the 'list' of things to purchase between now and August 19.

Sigh. I think this is going to be a big adjustment - for all of us.....

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