Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day 2010

We had a truly lovely Father's Day. I'll start with the end - the quiet of our home late in the evening - Deonne and I sitting on the floor of the den folding a basket of warm-from-the-dryer kids' clothing - me asking "Did you have a good Father's Day?"

And Deonne replying - "the best ever."


We started the morning with coffee and donuts (per James' request.) I had actually planned to make a nice family breakfast - but didn't quite count the eggs that were required for the kids and I to make both pecan chocolate chip cookies to send to Papa Dennis and citrus poppyseed cake to take to Deonne's parents house for lunch on Sunday - but donuts made a nice and special treat.

And after we had the kids fully hyped up on sugar - we helped Daddy open his Father's Day gifts - a new lunch-bag from Anna (who didn't like that her Daddy kept hauling his lunches to work every day in a recycled plastic grocery bag - isn't that thoughtful and sweet?) - a new charcoal chimney starter from James (who actually picked it out on his own - he's always with Deonne when he starts his grill - and saw that the one D had been using for years was falling apart) - and a new electric weather station from Jack (I helped with this one - the one D currently has isn't working so well - and given his love of knowing everything about the weather - it was a perfect gift.)

I opted to gift Deonne with something I knew he'd love - but was also something we could make family memories with - a year membership to the newly opened NASCAR hall of fame. We're not so far from Charlotte, NC - easily up and back in a day - and is a place Deonne will delight in for the memorabilia on display, that the kids will delight in going to for the cool cars they'll get to see. (I personally could take it or leave it - am not a NASCAR fan in any form - but know that a family outing there will be fun.)

Because of Jack's mid-day nap schedule - and our want to spend some quality time with Deonne's family on Sunday - we put off visiting a new church for one more Sunday - and headed to Batesburg a little after 9 am.

The kids had a lot of fun running around Grandma and Grandpa's house and big backyard - and if it hadn't been so hot - I probably would have been out there with them - but as stated before - I don't do heat. (I think I need to move to Michigan. Seriously.)

Uncle Harry and Aunt Mary came over for lunch as well - which helped us a lot - we were able to visit with the men who mean the most to us (grandpa and uncle/Anna's godfather) at the same time - so we could pack up Jack when he started to tire and get him home for a nap following lunch.

We had a nice afternoon, our little family of five - after Anna and I drove around Columbia delivering the gifts to the many godfathers our children are blessed with - we were able to just 'be' together. I'd planned a southwestern themed dinner (grilled shrimp quesadillas, spanish rice, guacamole, and margaritas) that the kids like helping with.

Anna LOVED the margaritas (yes, virgin) - I'm going to have to watch out for her later in life - she lapped it up and asked for more.

All in all, a very nice day. A day to be thankful for the presence of the dads in our lives. A day to remember those who are special, and are almost like dads to us, the strong and positive influences in our lives.


I like holidays like Father's Day. (Who am I kidding - I like all holidays...) But especially sentimental ones. I don't often pause enough to really appreciate the father of my children. Father's Day makes me sit down and think - and take time to express what a good daddy Deonne is - more than I could have ever asked for.

He really loves being a dad. He helps me out in so many ways - picking up (i.e. taking over) when I'm exhausted - taking charge of laundry - getting the kids bathed every night (including hair combed, lotioned up, and in their jammies - which is no small feat with all three kids in the tub at once) while I'm cleaning the kitchen after dinner and preparing for the next day- either reading stories (and doing all the right voices) or keeping Jack somewhat entertained and not barging into the books at bedtime - building towers out of blocks, cups, or whatever toys are handy ... just to delight the kids who get to knock them down - sitting in the hot and sticky sandbox with the kids for hours and helping them dig tunnels and build sandcastles - getting up with them in the night (because I have such a hard time going back to sleep) - calmly taking care of them when they are sick ...

... oh, the reasons I could list are tremendous - but the bottom line is - just loving them. Loving the pure essence of them. Building a strong foundation - and making fun memories. And being a Daddy I know they'll cherish their whole lives.

Happy Father's Day - to a wonderfuly daddy. My Deonne.

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  1. I'm so glad you had such a nice Father's Day! Your dinner sounds delicious! :)

    I'd sure love a little of your sunshine--it's been awful here! We might dry out in the next few days and I CAN'T WAIT.

    Thinking of you!