Thursday, June 3, 2010

No Whining!

Do any of you mommy-readers have any advice for ending whining stemming from a three-year old?

James has PERFECTED the art of whining. If a degree was offered in this subject, he'd have earned a freaking phD.

When he wakes up - he whines.

When he doesn't get what he wants - he whines.

When I serve him something to eat that he doesn't particularly want - he whines.

If I (gasp) give him a sippy cup of the wrong color - he whines.

When he's told to go put his shoes on so we can depart to go somewhere - he whines.

When Jack destroys something he's been working on (like a tower of lincoln logs) or when Anna takes something he wants - he whines (although I can't say I really blame him for that one...)

Needless to say, Deonne and I are both fed up with the whining.

Any advice on dealing with this joyful stage of three-year olds is welcomed.


  1. One thing that I've had success with is simply saying, "Try again, please." When my kids ask for things in a way that I don't like, use a tone that isn't appropriate, etc. They get frustrated by the 3rd "Try again, please" but I don't comply with what they're asking for until the tone is acceptable. Hope that helps a little....That being said, all kids are different and I know what works for one doesn't for another. Good luck!

  2. PS. Jack is young enough that he might not be aware/understand that he's whining. You might have to model for him how you would like for him to talk/ask for things initially....and once he understands how he's expected to talk, then the "Try again, please" is a quick and easy way to say, "That's not how you are supposed to ask for something, try again please using your proper voice." The other thing I could add is that when one of my kids has a particular habit/behavior I'm trying to stop, I take a week and just really focus on that one thing so that I make sure I'm really consistent with it. The first few days are the worst, but it usually does the trick. Consistency is key. I hope it works!

    PPS. Don't I sound like I have all the answers and the most well behaved children in the world as I'm going on and on? Don't be deluded into thinking so. :) We have our own issues over here. :)