Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A New Sheriff In Town

There's about to be a new Sheriff in the Long house - a new order, so to speak. Mommy is going to get organized.

Yes, things are a-changin'....

#1 - I found out about this class via a friend of a friend. I inquired about it, signed up, purchased my book and study guide, and am all set to go. It starts tomorrow. If I remember to get there on time...

But I have high hopes that learning some home management skills will help me keep our family somewhat on track - at least to the point that we remember to bring Jack's baby food to school - you know, so he doesn't starve and all...

#2 - Anna and I sat down and had a 'come to Jesus' meeting over her behavior, her responsibilities now that she's growing up, and her place in our family. (In a good way.) I explained to her that in order for her to have the freedoms she craves and the independence she yearns for, she needs to demonstrate that she is mature enough to accept certain responsibilities.

I also told her that it was time for her to start helping out around the house - and introduced the concept of "chores" and "allowances." (No, I'm not like the crazy Duggars - we don't have 'jurisdictions" in our house - just simple things that she needs to do. To earn her keep, and all.)

So. We came up with a list of things that Anna is responsible for. If she does her "job" she gets a sticker on her chart. If she gets stickers for each task for each day for an entire week, she gets a set allowance. $2 a week. (I kinda thought that was a little bit cheap - but D assured me that was plenty for a 5 year old.)

What is on her list of jobs, you ask? Well -

  • get herself out of bed in the morning
  • pick out an outfit (from a pre-established set of mommy-approved school clothes)
  • brush her teeth
  • make her bed
  • help Mommy with dinner (as in - help set the table, or in the least, clear off her art supplies so there's room to actually consume a meal)
  • help pick up the den after dinner and before bath (not all toys, she's not responsible for her little brothers' messes)
  • pick up her room before bed
  • brush her teeth before bedtime
Really hard stuff, right?

But so far, it's working. She is very excited to do her "jobs," and is looking forward to the prospect of $2 a week.

She's asked if I can take her shopping with her allowance. To buy a new Barbie doll. I explained it would take several weeks, if not all summer, to save up for a new Barbie doll. I'm not sure she realized that yet - but after she's received her first "paycheck" - I may take her to Target - let her look at the price tags - and maybe, just maybe, she'll start to comprehend the price of her world.

I'll keep you posted.

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