Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend - Party of Five Style

We had a wonderful, relaxed, and blissfully non-scheduled Memorial Day weekend. It was lovely to wake up and know there was nowhere special that we needed to be - no soccer match, no birthday party, no rehearsals - just time to lollygag in our jammies and play around the house.

Deonne's aunt and uncle came over Saturday morning to help repair the screened porch (it definitely helps to be married to a handy man who can fix stuff) by jacking it back up to a level position (it had settled and started coming apart from a load bearing wall - I think that's the terminology - I don't really know - I'm not a structural engineer - all I know is that it was significantly sloping downward - now it's level - 'nuff said.) It's always fun to have them come visit - the kids adore spending time with them - and it made for a very pleasant morning.

We putzed around the house for the afternoon, grilled hamburgers for dinner, and had a family movie night in front of the TV.

Sunday was pretty much a repeat of Saturday - except that we had some good friends over for dinner - along with their three little ones. It made for a fun (and loud) dinner around our dining room table - complete with lots of giggles, some squealing, some splish-splashing in the tub (when the two baby boys bathed together) and ice cream cones on the deck.

It's so nice to share evenings with friends where the kids enjoy each other's company, and the mommies and daddies enjoy some adult conversation.

Monday wasn't a holiday for Deonne (boo - hiss) and I had a lot to get done around the house, so we sent the kids off to pre-school for the first day of their summer session. I was able to accomplish a lot (read: finish up the 14-thousand loads of laundry we were behind on) as well as pick up the remains of the dinner party the night before. It was nice to get a few things done without the 'help' of six additional hands....

I did pick up Anna and James early, though - around 2:30 - with enough time to make it to the theatre to see the new Shrek movie. This was James' first official movie-theatre experience - and I wasn't at all sure how it would play out.

He did beautifully - enjoyed the film and his tray of popcorn and fruit snacks - after getting over a little bit of fright (I think those darn previews scared him...) Of course, we did have to make one mid-film trip to the potty - and I took the chance to leave Anna alone in her seat. I instructed her that if anyone touched her - she needed to scream and someone would help.

I don't think she even realized we were gone.

All in all, a very nice long weekend.

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