Wednesday, June 30, 2010


7 1/2 hours movie marathon.....

Twilight - 7 pm

New Moon - 9 pm (ish)

Eclipse - 12:01 am

... dinner before with two good friends, lots of laughter, scoffing, and getting wrapped up in a teenage vampire/werewolf love triangle, loads of sugar and caffeine, sore bottoms and achy/stiff legs later....

and I can still say:

(We didn't remember to bring a camera to fully document our dorky silliness - and the picture we had the ticket-taker snap of us on my phone didn't turn out at all - so all I have to post is the image we used to create T-shirts for the Big Event. Yeah. We were that dorky.... and loved
Ash and Nic - I'm so thankful I have friends who are as crazy as I am and wanted to partake of such silliness!

1 comment:

  1. How fun!!

    I would have loved that! ;) We're going this weekend and I can't wait.

    I don't think you're dorky at all.