Monday, March 29, 2010

To Do, To Do, To Do

I keep losing my "To Do" list - which is NEVER a good sign. I'm a list maker - I like to make lists - cross items off one-by-one - and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Losing the "Master To Do List" is not a good thing for someone like me - so in an effort to record it where I know I can always find it - here goes. (And yes, this is probably the most boring post on the planet - so feel free to skip over...)

Before Saturday:
  1. Sew buttons on kids' outfits.
  2. Grocery store - purchase items for sugar cookies, Italian sesame cookies, ham, and lemon meringue pie
  3. Bake/decorate/bag and tie bows on Easter sugar cookies (one set for Comer Eggstravaganza Hunt - one set "unbagged" for Long family Easter dinner.)
  4. Find ham recipe - bake ham (Saturday early afternoon) for Comer Eggstravaganza Hunt and dinner
  5. Bake Nonna's Italian Sesame Cookies (Saturday morning) - for Long family Easter Sunday dinner
  6. Bake Lemon Meringue Pie (Saturday morning) - for Long family Easter Sunday dinner
  7. Dig through assorted Easter goodies that have been strategically stashed throughout the house - determine what goes in whose Easter basket
  8. Stuff 2 dozen eggs per child (24x3 = 72 eggs) with candy and deliver to Nici's house before Saturday morning.
  9. Purchase knee high socks for Jack and James
  10. Purchase dressy white socks for Anna
  11. Purchase dressy saddle "Angel" shoes for Jack
  12. Purchase white blouse for Anna - to go under bunny dress
  13. Purchase small basket for Jack - for egg gathering at the egg hunt
  14. Scrub/polish Anna's white patent leather shoes
  15. Help Deonne finish removing wallpaper from master bath - get ready to paint*
  16. Scrub kitchen cabinets/touch up paint in kitchen and wainscoting in hallway/foyer*
  17. Top to bottom house cleaning*
  18. Organize toys and clothes in Anna's pit of despair (i.e. walk in closet)*
  19. Boil 18 eggs and prepare for dyeing/decorating
  20. Dig through craft drawers and locate egg decorating kit

Next Week:

  1. Cut and assemble invitations for Jack's birthday party - to be mailed no later than April 5
  2. Begin assembling party hats, banners, and red/brown pom-pom hanging decorations for Jack's birthday party
  3. Review digital pictures from the past year - create, cut, assemble "One Year Banner" for Jack's party
  4. Order monkey cookie cutter for Jack's party

Additional birthday planning lists to follow in the weeks prior to April 24.

*These need to be TOP PRIORITY so we can finish up and get the house ready to list!!!!

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