Monday, March 22, 2010

Hand, Foot, and Mouth - Oh My

Yeah, so we're dealing with a new one for the Long family - Hand Foot and Mouth disease. Somehow in the last 5 1/2 years of childcare we've managed to escape this one. We've had everything else, from tummy bugs to croup and RSV, from strep throat to random fever viruses. But Hand, Foot, and Mouth?

This one is new.

Jack started with a high fever (103.5) Friday afternoon. A quick trip to the pediatrician revealed ulcers in his mouth, and the fact that this virus is going round his classroom led (in part) to the diagnosis.

The fever broke Saturday (thank goodness) but the tell-tale red dots and blisters on his little pudgy hands and feet erupted Sunday mid-day.

So, he's been kicked out of school (just until he's fever free for three days) and he starts acting more like the happy Jack we know and love.


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