Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss's birthday is a big deal around these parts - as I suspect many parts of the world. We pause to recognize the author of so many wonderful childrens stories and poems - words that bring images to life and in doing so, bring back comforting memories to adults and children alike.

I hope my kids grow up loving and appreciating the Dr. Seuss stories as much as I did (and still do.) It was certainly a happy day when I had an excuse to dig out my worn and tattered copies of "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish," "Hop on Pop," and "To Think That It Happened On Mullberry Street" to read to the kids.

Of course, I have been reading Dr. Seuss to them - even before they were born - including the in utero book - which I can't remember the title to right now to save my life.

Anyway, back to the present... all of the kids' classes at the Children's Center have had a Dr. Seuss focus for the past week. Sadly Anna had to miss a lot of hers due to her convalescent period at home - but we are very thankful that the theme is being carried over into next week - and that she was able to attend her classroom Dr. Seuss Birthday Party.

So her triumphant return to school on Friday just happened to be the day she could dress up as her favorite Dr. Seuss character.
Which character you ask?

Why, little "Cindy Lou Who" of course.

Anna was thrilled to have a hair-do right out of Who-ville - which I was more than happy to oblige.

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