Monday, March 1, 2010

Home, Safe and Sound

This picture was taken prior to surgery - when Anna had little to no idea of what was to come...
Anna's surgery was a success! The ENT was very glad we'd had the surgery for Anna - turns out her adenoids were quite enlarged and "chunky" (whatever that means, nothing good I presume). He said once the initial swelling from the procedure has gone down her overall breathing should significantly improve - and her nighttime snoring should significantly lessen.

I won't lie - those 20 minutes from the time she left in the arms of Bobo (the anesthesiologist - I swear - that was his real name) until they called me back to the recovery room were probably the 20 longest minutes of my life. I hadn't fully understood the procedure until this morning - that she would in fact be intubated and have an IV in place - somehow I'd missed that in all of the pre-op hustle and bustle...

And of course, she wouldn't be my child if she came out of anesthesia well - there was a lot of crying, pulling at her arm to try and get the IV out, screaming, and general incoherent babble - but once the Demoral kicked in and she was not in horrible discomfort, she was able to relax, sleep off more of the meds, and finally come home.

And of course, she waited to barf up the big bubble of blood tinged mucous until we were safely home and tucked in on the couch - but seemed to perk up a lot after she got that out of her system.

She's slept on and off this afternoon - and is currently propped up on the newly cleaned and towel draped sofa, watching the Wonder Pets, having just polished off her THIRD bowl of chocolate ice cream.

Apparently surgery has its benefits.

The biggest complaint so far has been the occasional (and painful) ear popping as her ears adjust to the pressure from surgery and having tubes in place. I haven't broken it to her yet that we have to do ear drops.

I'm saving that fun for Deonne.

Because I'm the one that got to clean up the bloody barf.

But thanks to all for your thoughts and well wishes - this scary and anxious day has turned out quite well, and I have every hope that the recovery will quickly continue.

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  1. So glad to hear that everything went well!! That's great news! I'll be praying for a smooth recovery for Anna.

    We told Andrew that his ear drops were "Ear Tickles." He thought it was hilarious and laughed all the way through it as we tried to make it silly and funny. Maybe that will help Anna...maybe not. :) All kids are different! Anna might be a little more savvy than Andrew. :)
    Best wishes and thinking of you!!