Sunday, March 14, 2010

Date Night

Anna had a big night Saturday night - her very first Real Date! Deonne got the idea from some friends ... basically, once a year, the Daddy takes his daughters on a Real Date - complete with dressed-up clothes, flowers for the princess, a knock at the door, and dinner at a fancy schmancy restaurant.

The idea is this - he wanted his girls to grow up knowing how they should be treated on a Real Date - so who better to learn it from than their daddy?

So Saturday was Deonne's night to treat Anna to a night on the town.

Starting with a knock on the door...

Surprise! It's Daddy! And pink roses!

Then dinner out at a fancy resturant, followed by a night at the ballet.

The two had a wonderful time, and it made my heart so full to hear the things they did, the conversations they shared. Deonne said that at one point during dinner, Anna said, "I wonder what James is doing right now....I sure love my little brother."

So sweet.

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