Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

While the kids were away at school - our house was visited by a rascally leprechaun. That sneaky little guy made a big mess - he left trails of green sparkles throughout the house, leading to little pieces of gold.

He messed around with our family pictures - and turned them all different directions.

He took all of James' trains off his train table and arranged them in a circle - with gold coins in the center.

He took all of Anna's princesses from her castle and arranged them in a circle - with more gold.

(Our leprechaun must like circles...)

He turned the kids' bathroom cups and toothpaste upside down...

Oh, he sure was sneaky!

The kids first discovered our house had been visited as they came up the stairs from the garage - they followed the trails around the house - looking for more sparkles, shamrocks, and gold coins!

Even Jack had a wonderful time!

I should have known something was awry when I was finishing up dinner and having an actual, uninterruped conversation with Deonne in the kitchen. I turned the corner to the dining room and found Anna and James - hands in the pot of gold coins. I asked Anna to open her mouth (we'd told them they could have a piece of chocolate after dinner.)

She shook her head 'no' - but finally opened up to show me a mouth full of melted chocolate. James just giggled - then said 'we're putting the coins in the bank.'

I wasn't sure what that meant - until after dinner (our traditional corned beef and cabbage) and dessert (Italian creme cake - and green jelly beans) and the kids had been bathed and put to bed - did Deonne come in and say "I figured out what The Bank is."

Turns out our own sneaky little leprechauns were eating piles of gold coins, taking the empty wrappers, and sticking them in the metal slats of the HVAC vent. "The Bank."

No wonder neither had a real appetite for dinner!

All in all a fun day - I didn't enjoy it all too much - have been home with a nasty sore throat and cough - but the kids had fun, and that's what matters most!
James really got into the whole leprechaun hunt - but was a tad worried at bedtime that the leprechaun might come back while he was sleeping. We assured him that the sneaky little guy wouldn't be back until next year.

I have to give proper snaps to Kathy - I think the leprechaun visited our house this year after spending time at hers...

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  1. It's a fun little tradition, isn't it? The leprechaun actually came to our house after visiting the boys' pre-school. That little guy gets around! :)

    Sorry to hear you were sick--me too! Isn't it a bummer being sick on a holiday?

    Despite not feeling well, it looks like you managed to give the kids a really fun day. :)