Friday, August 14, 2009

It's Getting Hot In Here

There are many things I love about living in the South. It's a slower, more genteel pace of life than the super-caffeinated frenzy that can be the West coast. Men are gentlemen here - and still open door for ladies-and stand up when a lady gets up or down from the table. It is a more formal way of life, where people "dress" for church in suits, ties, dresses, and stockings and smocked dresses and jon jons are the norm for children's play dates.

We are in close proximity to family (Deonne's), have a low cost of living resulting in our owning a beautiful home we might not otherwise be able to afford, have good friends, and nice weather - in the winter.

There are a few things I absolutely HATE about living in the South. Number one on my list? The heat. And humidity. Together they make outdoor living a thing of the past for me from about mid-May (on a good year) until mid to late October. Seriously. It is melting hot. Thank God for air-conditioning - but the few times I actually have to be out in the heat (transporting kids to and from the car on asphalt parking lots - or like today when I braved taking all three kids to the zoo by myself - it is disturbingly hot.)

The thermometer may say it's only 88 degrees. I don't buy it. It feels more like 110 with the humidity.


Number two on my list? Palmetto Bugs - a fancy and pretty name for flying cockroach - but that is the topic of another post.

Right now I need to refresh my glass of ice-water - for the 10th time this afternoon.

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