Thursday, August 20, 2009

In need of brunch ideas

All you chefs out there - I need some ideas for make-ahead dishes for Jack's baptismal brunch. I have a basic menu in mind - but am not sure if it's going to be enough (taking into account my phobia of having people over to my house and not having enough to eat.)

Here's the run-down:

We're inviting/expecting families that will total 24 adults and 17 kids (not including infants - and I'm calling big-kids adults for party-planning purposes.)

My basic plan right now is:

2 sausage and egg casseroles (make ahead the night before - each serves 12)
2 spinach and Gruyere cheese stratas (make ahead the night before - each serves 10)
fruit platter (sliced melon, berries, kiwi - and other fruit that looks good in the grocery store that day)
steamed asparagus wrapped in prosciutto (make ahead the night before)
purchased coffee cakes from Tiffany's bakery (2 each of cheese, apple, and almond - I think each should serve 6 - 8)
purchased petit fours (6 dozen - because they are tiny) iced half with baby blue crosses and half with Jack's initials

bloody mary's
mimosa's - and orange juice
assorted juice boxes (for the kids)
bottled water

I feel like I'm missing something - have thought about doing a baked french toast casserole - but not sure if that is too much? If I make it - I guess I'd need to make two (so there is enough for everyone to have some?)

And then there is the dilemma of what to serve guests as they are waiting for brunch to be ready. The service is at 9:00 am, and the invite says "brunch to follow." We'll be taking pictures as a family with godparents following the service - and thankfully a dear friend has volunteered to leave church and head home to put casseroles in ovens, unwrap foods, put ice out, etc..

I suspect, though, that people will start to gather before the food is ready. I can't have them standing around with nothing - but have no idea what an appropriate 'easy' appetizer is for a brunch?

I was thinking cheese straws - but what else?


Any thoughts, suggestions are greatly appreciated!

ps - keep in mind that the baptism/brunch are scheduled for the day after Anna's 5th birthday party - we didn't have a choice in scheduling - in the Episcopal church baptisms fall only on certain Sundays throughout the year. If we didn't have Jack baptized on Sept. 20 then we'd need to wait until January - and by then he'll have outgrown the family baptismal gown. It just happened to fall the same weekend as Anna's party (on the 19th because her birthday is the 21st). So it will be CRAZY in the Long house that weekend - but a lot of fun as well! Thankfully she wanted her party at the Marionette Theatre that will be showing Snow White - so he's happy to have her party there (and mommy is happy it will be out of the house so I'm not hosting two major events back-to-back.)

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  1. I most definitely think you don't need any more food. I think you have a lovely and generous menu planned and won't need the french toast casseroles.

    As far as what to eat while the casseroles finish cooking....Honestly, I think you have enough food planned that you could just cut the coffee cakes that you've orderend and let people munch on those while the rest of the food finishes cooking. That's what we do on Easter when we do brunch at my brother's house. It works great. Serve the drinks/coffee cake and you're good to go in my opinion.

    Hope it's a blessed day--I just love baptism day. Can't wait to see the pics. And good luck w/the bday the day before....I'm tired just thinking about it all. :)

    PS Sorry if this posted twice, or three times :) I've been having trouble for some reason trying to get this to go through.