Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Bad

If you happened to be at the Forest Drive Wal Mart this morning and witnessed a mom struggling with a screaming baby (strapped in a Baby Bjorn), a two year old (whining incessently and dragging his feet), a four-almost-five-year old (pouting and stomping her feet as hard as she could) while trying to put all three kids and a large Little Tykes picnic table into her Odyssey - that would be me.

The same mom who could probably be heard yelling at said kids as they piddled around and wouldn't get in their car - would also be me.

I tried - I knew I was tempting fate by taking all three to the dreaded Wal Mart - but our trip to Target to 'try on' bikes for Anna was a bust - the only bikes they had put together were the 'big kid' bikes - as in way too big for her little legs.

Let me back up - I didn't have an activity planned for today - because I thought Deonne would be home this morning so we could go to church as a family (even I'm not brave enough to take all three to church alone yet). Turns out he had to work today as well - and after about one hour of listening to the kids argue over play-doh and continually falling over the un-steady play table in the basement - I decided we needed to get out of the house.

With A's birthday rapidly approaching - we've been trying to come up with the 'one big gift' for her this year - the one thing that will stand out - like her wooden doll house from last year. We've been talking about getting her a bike - her first bike - but have no idea what size is appropriate for her little legs.

And, we've been talking about getting an appropriate play table for the basement - one that can be covered in paint, play-doh, crayons, markers, glue - you name it - and won't cause my neat-freak self to have heart failure.

So, I packed everyone up and we headed to Target. Where there were no bikes to try, nor were there any of the picnic table I was after.

In the car - out of the car - in the car - out of the car....

It wasn't close to lunchtime yet - so I thought okay, let's check out Wal Mart. In a nutshell - as soon as we walked in the door, James had to go potty. Finally find the potty (I rarely go to Wal Mart) - it's NASTY - but I don't have a choice but to let him go - trying to hold him over the potty with Jack in the Baby Bjorn and Anna wandering in and out of the stall staring at people.

After scrubbing as best as we can, finally find the kids bikes. Find one that fits Anna (the 16" size) but for some reason she has in her head that we're getting it. Today. And doesn't like one bit when I tell her (for the fourteenth time) that we're just LOOKING and not BUYING.

Finally find the picnic table - in the box (but on sale so woo hoo for that.) Can't figure out how to get it in the buggy with Jack strapped to me. After struggling and trying all sorts of angles (while trying to keep the kids from wandering off and away to explore all of the toys) a kind soul stops and helps me load it up.

Get to the register. Anna and James think it's a funny game to hold hands and go round-and-round and fall on the floor. I tell them stop. Do they listen? No - the game must be too much fun. Finally get up to pay. Can't find my debit card. Anywhere. So I write a check. Did you know all checks are processed electronically at Wal Mart? Where you have to stand there for what seems like ages and cough up all sorts of ID? I wanted to tell the cashier - I promise there is plenty of money in my account to cover the $50 I just wrote a check for - but I suppose I did look pretty sorry and sort of like a dead-beat mom - with three kids (Jack is screaming by now) all being loud - and disobedient.

Walk to the car. Kids going every which way. And it's hot.

Yeah, I've become that mom. The mom who screams at her kids in the Wal Mart parking lot...

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