Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Few Firsts

First #1
Last night our sweet baby Jack did the impossible - he slept through the night - and I don't mean slept for 6 hours - he actually slept for 10 hours!!! I woke up at 6:30 this morning to Deonne bringing him to me to nurse - and had to do a double take at the clock. Had he really just slept all the way through??? Yep, and that was the most interrupted stretch of sleep I've had in I don't know how long - unless of course you count the few interruptions James interjected...

First #2
His sweet slumber meant that we were all well rested this morning - and ready to face the day early on - so Deonne and I were both able to take showers lasting longer than 10 minutes, feed the kids, get them dressed, and yes... make it to church on time - with time to spare!!!

First #3
Anna received her "first communion" today at church. Being Episcopalian, we are at the liberty as parents to have our children receive communion when we feel they are ready - as opposed to the Catholic faith that I grew up in where you have to go what felt like years of catechism studies before you are 'eligible' to receive. We'd been talking to Anna about what communion is, what it means to receive, and more importantly, what it tastes like (dry cardboard crackers.) I was so frightened she'd take one taste and spit it out.

So today, she walked up to the front of the church with us, knelt down on the kneeler, and this time, instead of getting her usual blessing from the priest, cupped her little hands and with wide eyes told the priest 'this is my very first communion.' He smiled, gently placed the bread in her hands, covered her hands with his and said a small extra blessing, and then she ate it.

And thankfully, she didn't spit it out.

We'll work on the wine next week - maybe...

It was even more meaningful to Deonne and I - because the priest who married us, who celebrated the Eucharist with us at our wedding, was the priest who we received from today.

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