Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Good

The Good:

Our afternoon activity went really well yesterday - the kids LOVED decorating their bug cakes! I wasn't too sure how it would all play out - but braved opening every color of icing we had (I was too lazy to make it from scratch) and let the kids have at it. It was a little difficult for them to get the icing out (so mommy ended up squeezing it where instructed to) - and I think we ended up with more colored sanding sugar on the floor and the table then on the cakes - but the kids delighted in creating their own masterpieces.

Anna (who is eagerly learning new words and expanding her vocabulary) thought her bugs were "mysterious." I have no idea where she picked that one up - but she sure was sweet asking me 'Mommy, isn't my butterfly mysterious?'

James preferred to squeeze out his icing in big blobs - then 'sprinkle' them with sugar (read: dump as much sugar as he could get his little hands around all over the cake.)

Anna delicately placed her decorations in patterns around her bugs - including the sanding sugar which was ever so slightly sprinkled in these intricate patterns (the pictures don't do it justice.) It was a good activity - kept the kids busy - and although there was a good bit of clean-up - worth the effort for there pure delight in telling their Daddy which bugs they had made themselves.

Jack - well he thought the whole thing was pretty boring - but we did get a few smiles out of him towards the end.

Thanks Williams-Sonoma!

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