Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Cereal!

Jack had his first taste of baby food tonight - rice cereal.
Before -

First taste -

The aftermath -

I'm not sure he liked it - and most of what he ate came back out of his mouth. He sort of looked at me like I was nuts for sticking the spoon in his mouth. Anna (the ever helpful big sister) kept telling me - "I don't think he likes that mommy."

Thanks kid - you didn't like it the first time we shoved a spoon in your mouth either....

Oh Jack - I can't wait to explore the wonderful world of food with you - there are so many exciting things to try - different tastes and textures - but one step at at time. For now, rice cereal - and in a week or so, we'll get crazy and venture into the world of Squash.

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