Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Party's July 4 Weekend Begins!

We're back at the Long lake house this celebrate the July 4 weekend with more boating and swimming and fishing and playing. So much fun!

The kids started out the morning with a patriotic craft - making sun visors to wear in the blistering South Carolina sun. They had a great time - and loved selecting stickers, carefully arranging them, and then trying on and wearing their hats.

Jack especially loved this activity. You can't tell at all, can you?

And then it was time to help Daddy fly the American Flag from the flagpole by the water.

James was happy to learn the proper way to fly a flag as well as the mechanisms involved in running the flag up the actual flagpole.
 Jack was just happy to be there.
Ta Da!
Old Glory flying proudly.

Then it was time to show off their cool sun visors.

I personally think the pajamas complete the kids' ensembles - don't you agree?

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