Saturday, July 16, 2011

Matilda Jane Trunk Show

Matilda Jane

I've come to adore this line of clothing.  It's cute, sassy, flirty, girly, sometimes funky, and well - just gosh-darn fun to wear (and to see your daughter wear.)  I always get loads of compliments when Anna and/orI wear it - and a lot of questions of 'where did you get that?' and 'where can I buy that?'  The new line is debuting on August 1 and I can't wait!

Two friends and I are hosting a trunk show (early in the season so hopefully things won't sell out) - and would love for you to either attend in person to dish over the super cool clothes - or to place an order if you're not able to make it.  If you choose the latter - you can use the 'Wish List' function on the website - then send it to me and we'll get your order placed.

If you can make it to the trunk show - be prepared for some bubbly, treats, fun conversation - and best of all - the chance to oodle over the fall line and try on all of the pieces. 

Wednesday, August 3
4-7 pm
1517 Heatherwood Road

Hope to see you there! 

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  1. how cute is this?! i will be there :) cause it is sort of my job... and because i love you.