Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween

Our little goblins had a great Halloween. It was a fun week - filled with costumes, parties, pictures, and of course, tons and tons of candy.

James had the original thought for this year's themed costumes - when I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween, he didn't skip a beat when he happily squealed "Nocchio" (that's his way of saying Pinocchio.) He LOVES that movie - asks to watch it all the time - so it didn't surprise me one iota that he wanted to dress up as the beloved wooden puppet.

Anna rapidly followed suit with "if James gets to be Pinocchio - can I be the Blue Fairy who turns him into a Real Boy? And can Jack be Cleo the Goldfish?"

"You betcha sweetie!"

I found Anna's Blue Fairy costume at the local Halloween Express store - I didn't love it - but it served the purpose - it was blue, long, and had big blue fairy wings.

Jack's goldfish costume also came from the store - it was super cute - even if it barely fit him and I had to literally squish his legs into the bunting. (My chunky baby is already in size 9 months clothes - who was the costume company kidding when it said the size was 0-12 months?)

James' costume was the best of all. I found the shorts at a local consignment sale, added ribbons to the legs and to make leiderhosen, made the yellow vest, and dug one of the hats Deonne and I brought home from our honeymoon to Austria out of the basement - and voila - we had a real live Pinocchio!

Halloween night was spent at the Comer's annual Halloween Party. We've attended this shin-dig for the past several years - and wouldn't miss it. The potluck dinner was yummy, the kids in costume were uber-adorable, and the friendship and fellowship couldn't be beat. As the tradition has become - once dinner was over we fired up our flashlights and hit the streets in search of candy.

This was the first year James was really "into" it. He ran from house to house - squealing "I wanna go to another one, Mommy" in between each one.

Both he and Anna cried when it was time to go home.

The only downs of the night were one - I was recovering from my night in the ER (the night before) and still pretty weak and not thrilled with the idea of pushing the stroller around the neighborhood and two - it was hot. And humid.

If you've read much of this blog since I started writing - you'll know of my utter disdain for heat and humidity. I know we live in the South. I expect it will be hot and uncomfortable in July, August, heck - even September. But October? Really? We ended up having to strip Jack of his fish bunting about half way through trick-or-treating - so he got to spend the evening in his plain white onesie (but was still pretty cute.)

All in all, it was a wonderful evening - thank you again Comer family!

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