Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Deonne!

Deonne celebrated his 40th birthday on the 12th. We had fun with our little Party of Five. I ran home to make a special dinner after work (the best shrimp and pasta recipe, along with salad and rosemary sea salt bread from the bakery.) YUM!

Since I was running around like crazy trying to finish up - Deonne picked up the little ones from school - so I was able to finish up, set the table, light the candles, pour the wine, and be ready the moment they walked in the door.

Half way through dinner I paused - I looked at our family of five - and was overwhelmed. I had visions of what dinners will look like in the future for our family - when our kids will be at our table with spouses, and eventually children of their own. It was amazing to sit back and see our kids - growing, learning, sharing their days with us around the table - oh my.

Following dinner we opened presents - and then - the big moment - THE CAKE. Now, I like to bake, I've made some pretty good cakes in my day - but this cake? Even I didn't think I'd actually made it. It was SO. GOOD.

100% of the kudos go to Kathy, along with a ginormous thank you for sharing the recipe. I made a basic chocolate cake - followed her directions to the "t" (including the trick to wrap the cakes up in plastic wrap when they come out of the pans and are still warm) - and it was slap-your-mama-good. Seriously. The kids couldn't keep their fingers out of it. I actually caught Anna trying to lick her plate.

I iced it with Kathy's recipe for peanut butter frosting (we're big peanut butter fans in this house) and it tasted like a big Reeces peanut butter cup. Anna has already requested I make it for her next birthday - nevermind that her birthday is almost a year away - she wants to make sure I know she wants THAT CAKE for her special day.

Of course she wants me to make it look like her cake from this year (except Sleeping Beauty.) Thankfully I have a while to try to attempt that feat....

I think Deonne and I both ate three pieces on his birthday, and then had at least two pieces each night until it was gone. I know. Pure chocolate and peanut butter gluttony. So much for the weight loss due to stomach flu, right? But you know what? It was worth. every. single. bite.

So again Kathy, THANK YOU!!!!!

I can't wait to try out another cake recipe! (Any chance you can share the cookies and cream filling recipe?)

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  1. Yay!!! You're back! And you're SO welcome for the recipe. I love that cake! I'm so happy you all liked it! I'll be happy to post the cookies and cream filling recipe. It won't disappoint. Is after Thanksgiving okay?

    And I'm all over that shrimp and pasta dish. (The Pioneer Woman Cookbook is on my Christmas list!) That'll be on our menu very soon--thanks for the link!
    Glad you're back! I've missed you!