Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I suppose by now I should know the warning signs that Anna has a secret ear infection. Our normally sassy, dramatic, stubborn little girl turns into a wretched, really stubborn, over dramatic, horrid child.

She must have a very high tolerance for pain (which she did NOT get from me) because even after the diagnosis that she has very.badly.infected.ears she insists that they don't bother her at all.

No fever. No pain. No outward symptoms (other than the perpetual runny nose.)

The clue is the behavior - the outward behavior of the inward illness. The screaming. The temper tantrums. The flailing and wailing that ensues when she doesn't get her way.

You'd think we'd have figured this out by now - because almost every ear infection the child has ever had has been this way - runny nose turn wretched behavior - until we finally raise our hands in the air, call "uncle", take her to the MD thinking she needs to be committed or seriously helped by a child psychiatrist - only to find she has an inner ear infection.

You guessed it - she's got a double ear infection. Poor little thing! So now Deonne and I both feel terrible for being so hard on her when really, she's been pretty sick.

Thank the lord for antibiotics.

Hopefully she will be back to her normal sassy (but fun to be around self) in about 24 more hours.

And yes, I'm counting them down...

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