Monday, November 30, 2009

Ears (part two)

Jack is battling horrible ear infections. He was diagnosed about two weeks ago with double ear infections and pink eye (of course, the day I returned from a conference in New Orleans.) He had no symptoms of the ear infection - I really brought him in for the green gunk coming out of his eyes.

Fast forward through the weeks - he seemed to be fine. No symptoms whatsoever - just happy, silly, smiley Jack.

Friday he finished his last dose of antibiotics.

Saturday he came down with a fever of over 102 that hovered around 103 - with a few spikes up to near 104.

A trip to "emergency" hours at our pediatrician's office yesterday revealed two HORRIBLE double ear infections. Because he is apparently resistant to the antibiotics, he was treated to his first of three Rocefin shots, then again tomorrow and Thursday.

We're on the fast track to tubes in his ears...

Poor little guy - I just want the fever to come down - I hate seeing him restless, hot, grumpy, and unable to sleep.

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