Friday, September 4, 2009

The Swine Flu Cometh...

Yep, it's hit our house - and hit it hard. Both James and Jack have 'suspected' cases of the now infamous swine flu. James came down with a good fever last night - Jack followed suit this morning with a low grade fever, both with runny noses.

A trip to the pediatrician and a nose swab later reflected that the test was negative. Yes, you read that right, negative. That should be good news, right?

Wrong. Apparently the test is only 50% accurate - so there is a 50% chance we received a false negative. The MD says the treatment is the same, clear fluids, lots of rest, and motrin/tylenol to manage the fever.

The good news is that the high number of cases he has seen grace his doors the past few weeks are very mild - as in just a few days of low grade fevers and sore throats - and then the kids perk up and feel better.

I sure hope so. It's pitiful to see them droopy (James more so than Jack...)

However... on one hand, it is good that James isn't feeling so well and wants to just lay around for a while.

Yesterday morning when Deonne was trying to get the three kids out the door to school (D does the school drop off as I leave the house closer to 7am so I can get to work early then leave early to pick the kids up around 4pm) James fell in the gravel to the side of our driveway.

He had a pretty good contusion on his right knee - scrapes and some bruising and swelling - but after Deonne cleaned him up he seemed happy. He took him on to school where he had a good day, only mentioning his knee once - after nap when he was getting up from his little cot.

Fast forward to the evening - D picked up take-out - since it was the big first Carolina football game on TV - and we wanted to have a pseudo-tailgate with the kids. About half way through dinner, James started acting really whiny - not wanting to be put down - just whining. And not wanting to put weight on his leg with the sore knee. We thought he was just faking it - trying to get attention. (Yeah - we get the parents of the year award ...)

He got worse as the night went on - we finally realized he had a fever around 4am this morning.

The trip to the ped. to discuss flu ended up being more of a discussion about his knee - our MD was much more concerned about that then the mild case of flu. An x-ray and trip to an orthopedist resulted in our baby boy being casted on his right leg from hip to toe in a bright lime green cast for a fractured knee cap.

It's pitiful.

Yes, I did take pictures - but can't find the cable to connect the camera to the computer - as soon as I do I'll upload them, and you can see my sweet little one in all his glory.

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