Monday, September 21, 2009

Anna at Five

Five years old.

It seems like just yesterday that I was in L&D - waiting and waiting and waiting to deliver this precious baby. After the 13 months of failed cycles trying to get pregnant, the 9 months of a difficult pregnancy and being in and out of the hospital, it was finally time.

I couldn't wait to meet this bundle of joy.

We'd not found out that Anna was indeed an Anna - rather we wanted to have the gender be a surprise. I had a hunch we'd end up with a girl - I don't know why - just a feeling that the little life who had kept me company with kicks and jabs for the past few months was going to be a girl.

And she was.

She came out screaming and kicking - and if that doesn't summarize her personality, I don't know what does.

At five years old, my love, you are an articulate, artistic, smart, energetic girl. You have the vocabulary of one twice your age, and you don't hesitate to use it. The other day you were quietly, yet intently, coloring away. You stopped, admired what you had drawn, two princesses with matching dresses and crowns, brought the paper to me and said 'mommy, do you see how similar these girls are?'

Everyone who knows you knows and comments on how artistic you are. Your favorite thing to do in the whole world is to draw and color. I think if we could put you in a room filled with art supplies, you would never leave!

You also love to read (which you are doing independently), especially bedtime stories with daddy. It is so sweet to peek into James' room and see the three of you (Daddy, James, and you) piled up on pillows on the bottom bunk, reading stories together with only the light of the small lamp on the table next to the bed.

You love all things girly (princesses, glitter, dress-up, stickers, crowns, ballet, high heels, etc...) and sometimes I wonder if you really were a princess in another life (you've got that demanding personality down pat.)

Yet, you can hold your own with the boys, and are not afraid to rough and tumble. I think you might be content to wear a pink fluffy princess dress and complete the outfit with your pink, yes pink, soccer cleats.

And speaking of soccer - you are an animal on the soccer field - and after the first crying episode of being upset because someone from the opposing team took the ball away from you - were able to turn your being upset into anger, and then did a fab. job of keeping the ball away from the goal. (Your coach kidded that you did so great he wanted to make you mad before every game.)

You love ballet too - I was worried that we might be overscheduling you to allow two extra-curricular activities - but have found that the busier you are, the better behaved, because you have less time to get into trouble.

You still love to snuggle, and hold my hand. I love the way your warm (and most often times, sticky) little hand fits into mine. You reach up to hold mine without thinking twice about it. I hope this never goes away. Mom and I always held hands. Always. I don't remember a time that we didn't hold hands (except maybe those awkward teenage years, but even then, we were always so close that holding her hand felt like an extension of myself.)

I hope it will be like that with you - that you will always want to hold my hand.

You have long golden hair, that you refuse to let me cut (you want 'long golden hair just like Sleeping Beauty.') Enough said on that.

You prefer to wear dresses - will NOT wear pants unless there is absolutely nothing else clean to wear. (Becauses princesses wear dresses, and you want to be beautiful like a princess.)

You love to be a helper - want to help me at any chance you can, from stirring and cooking to fetching burp cloths for baby Jack.

You LOVE being a big sister. You absolutely adore Jack, and James (although James is starting to get to the age where he talks back to you and steals your toys - so I suspect he's not as much fun to play with anymore...)

You love movies - you are your mother's daughter - and can't wait for family movie nights. I took you to your first 'real' movie a few months ago - the new Ice Age - and you were amazed. You were in awe of everything - from the size of the theatre to the popcorn to the big screen - and can't wait to go back to another movie again.

You are my first love, my first child, my only daughter. The bond between us is strong. I am so proud to be your mother.

You are also challenging - oh yes, there are days when I wonder how I'm going to get through them. As sweet and loving and caring as you are, you are tough, and stubborn, and hard headed.

And sassy.

But we're working on that, and you are trying hard to control your emotions and be a big girl.

I suspect that life with you will always be a constant reminder of 'yes ma'am and yes sir' but that's okay. That's just you.

I love you so much. My sweet sweet Giovanna.

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