Saturday, September 26, 2009

Go, Dog. Go!

We had a fun outing this morning, the three Long kiddies and I. (Deonne was unfortunately stuck in Barnwell watching a huge power generator go over a bridge - apparently his firm was hired to make sure the bridge didn't collapse when said huge power generator crossed it - the good news is the bridge is still standing...thanks, in part, to the talented skills of my smart engineer hubby.)

We had planned to take them to the Columbia Children's Theater's production of "Go, Dog. Go!" all week, and once Deonne's plans changed and he was called to the Great Bridge Watch 'o9 - I decided to tempt fate and take all three kids. By. Myself.

If you remember my struggles from the last time I tried to take the three kids out on an outing sans Daddy, you know this was a daunting morning. Don't get me wrong, the thought of doing something fun with the kids was exciting - but I'd never been to the Children's Theatre before, had no idea what the set-up was like, seating, distance to potties, etc...

I had asked Anna's bff EG and her mom to come with us - ever since EG transitioned to a different school Anna has missed her greatly, and I sieze any opportunity to get the girls together to play. Thankfully EG and her mom were able to meet us there - not only for the sake of the girls and an opportunity for us mommy's to chat - but also for an extra set of hands should things get dicey.

The stars must have aligned.

Perhaps the atmospheric pressure was just right.

Maybe it was just my determination to not "sweat the little things" and take the wise advice of Kathy to take things one task at a time and not stress about what is to come.

Miracles happen I suppose...

Anna and James got right in the van. The first time I asked.

They buckled themselves in. The first time I asked.

They waited patiently while I pulled out the stroller and positioned Jack, diaper bag, camera, and pocket book.

They held hands and walked, walked people - not run or jump or skip away from me - when we moved across the parking garage to the skybridge to the entrance to the theatre.

They stood right beside me when I purchased tickets, settled themselves neatly on the big blue mat, and patiently waited until the performance started.

Okay, so there was one potty issue (right before the show started - of course - but thankfully EG's mom N was there to hold Jack for me while I took two little ones downstairs.)

They saw the other kids eating popcorn and drinking Capris Suns - neither of which I could purchase for them because I didn't think to bring cash (or even my checkbook) - but didn't complain and said "that's okay mommy" when I told them didn't have a means to get them a snack. (And super big thanks to N for coming to the rescue and purchasing a bag of corn for them to share.)

They stayed seated for the whole show.

They laughed. They smiled. They giggled.

It was a great show.

It was a great morning.

And the best part? (Other than seeing the pure delight and joy in their faces as they watched a variety of Dogs do silly things?) Walking them back through a parking garage and hearing the best compliment from a mommy who was also walking back to her car "I have one child - I don't know how you do it with three - you are doing a great job with them!"

I couldn't wipe the smile from my face if you paid me.

I'm way behind in posting a monthly post for Jack - he's officially 5 months old now - rolling around - starting to scoot backwards when he's up on his tummy - oh, my little boy - you are growing too fast!!! More to come later, but I wanted to get this picture in that I took this afternoon - that smile melts my heart!

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  1. What cute pictures! I'm so glad you had a good time. We went to a production of Go Dog Go here and it was a little odd!

    Good for you for being brave! It gets easier as the children get more predictable. You ARE doing a great job! Glad you had a compliment--isn't that the nicest?