Monday, September 21, 2009

Birthday Aftermath

8 hours of driving around Columbia running errands, grocery shopping, picking up cakes, petit fours, and coffee cakes, flower purchasing, and loading/unloading party supplies in and out of the van.

4 hours rolling, baking, decorating, wrapping sugar cookies.

2 hours printing invitations, stickers, bubble stickers, and stuffing goody bags.

3 hours printing out letters, cutting out templates, tracing and cutting out letters, punching holes, stringing letters into a banner to commemorate the special day of September 21. (Thanks Kathy!)

30 minutes running and scrambling to set up a beautiful party at the marionette theater in honor of my daughter turning five years old.

2 hours wrapping gifts in the perfect pink wrapping paper with the perfect pink and green ribbons.

2 hours assembling The Bike.

Endless hours spent planning, list making, organizing, and delegating.

The look on Anna's face when she saw her birthday come to life:


The sound of her sweet voice looking up to me saying 'mommy, this is the best birthday ever':

The sweetest sound in the world.

Pictures to follow.

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