Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

And don't come back on soccer day...

So here's the story from yesterday/last night...

I had a meeting with a potential new client yesterday, in a County about 2 hours from here. In an attempt to be professional, I actually wore a dress, stockings, and my new pretty black high heels. It's high-season around my office these days, with grant writing in full swing, so I didn't have time to stop by the house on the way home to change clothes before returning to the office for a few hours before needing to pick up the kids.

(my wardrobe issues are an important part of this story, I promise.)

At 4:45 I leave the office, rush across the street to get my car out of the parking garage, and hurry to the playground at the Children's Center to retrieve Anna and James (both who were in the sandbox and covered with sand that stuck to their sweaty little faces and hair.) I try to corral James in Anna's classroom while helping her change her from her dress/sandals into appropriate soccer gear (shorts, t-shirt, shin-guards, socks, and cleats that are already too small for her.) When I say corral what I really mean is try to keep James from tearing her room apart and pulling out every toy/game/art supply he can get his hands on.

I then quickly stop by the kitchen at school to fill water bottles and sippy cups up with ice water for Anna and James to take to her soccer practice, then teeter on these new pretty but not-so-mommy-friendly high heels down the hall (urging and prodding Anna and James along) to Jack's room - where I scoop him up, pack up his used bottles, barely have time to say 'hello - how was Jack's day' to his teacher.

After herding Anna and James to the front of the Center, stop to buckle Jack in his carseat (that Deonne leaves near the door following morning drop-off) and again herd the kids to the van - which shouldn't be too much of an issue - but for some reason the two seem to be lost in thought or distracted by the used gum someone carelessly dropped on the ground.

Buckle the big kids in their seats, snap Jack's carrier into his carseat base (by now I'm pouring sweat because it's not only hot but HUMID), get the A/C going - and we're on our way to soccer practice.

Arrive at Owens Fields. Thankfully (this will matter later) find a parking spot underneath the branches of a big old live oak tree.

Leave Anna and James strapped in their seats while wrangling Jack's stroller out of the back of the van. Did I mention the dress I wore to work was cream colored? Yeah - good choice - as the wheels of the stroller bump up against me and leave dirt streaks.

Whatever. I'll deal with that later.

Unstrap Jack from his carseat - re-position into stroller. Pull water bottle/sippy cup/snacks out of the car and load into carseat.

Unbuckle Anna and James - hand Anna her soccer ball - and instruct her to get out on on the field. Stroll Jack out to where the other parents are gathering, while trying to keep James next to me (poor little guy - just doesn't understand why his sister gets to play and he has to sit on the sidelines.)

Did I also mention that it had rained earlier in the day (I suppose) because the soccer fields are soaking wet and muddy? Yeah, it was a bog. And my new pretty black high heels keep sinking in the mud.

Then I hear it.

The not-so-distant clap of thunder.

I look up to see an ominous black cloud.

Then a streak of lightening.


Us parents try to ignore it. Let the kids get their practice in.

James is the first to call it out - 'it's raining mommy!' And it is. Gently at first - so we keep ignoring it. Then harder. And harder. And now a downpour.

I try to cover up Jack as best as I can (i.e. cover his legs with a burp cloth and make sure his face is protected with the shade from the stroller.) I try to urge James to follow me quickly back to the van - as his cast is getting wet - the big 'no-no' from the ortho. Quickly is a relative term when you're trying to push a stroller through the mud while wearing said heels.

Finally get the kids to the van. Anna and James climb in - and begin instantly whining - 'I'm so sad I can't play soccer.' Yeah kid - I'm so sad I'm dripping wet, covered with mud, have ruined my stocking, and am still trying to get the stroller loaded up in the pouring rain. 'I'm so starving' - yeah, I haven't eaten all day - so we'll get some dinner on the way home.

We're loaded up. Headed for home.

Try to call Deonne. His office mate answers his cell phone. Apparently Deonne left his cell phone on his desk at work. Is now unavailable to tell that soccer practice was rained out.

Head to the McD's near our house. Sit in the drive-through - FOREVER. Anna and James being kids - LOUD kids - singing, whining, yelling, I don't know what they were doing. Jack has had enough by this point, and he starts screaming.

Put our order in.

Big Mac meal for Deonne
Chicken sandwich meal for me
2 chicken nugget happy meals for the kids

Pay at window #1

Proceed to window #2

Deonne calls from another parent's cell phone from the soccer field - but I miss the call b/c I can't hear over the din coming from the backseats.

I realize I missed the call, try to call back, we play phone tag back and forth. Finally connect.

I'm mad.

I'm tired.

I'm frustrated.

I'm trying to relay everything to Deonne on a bad connection, with screaming kids.

The McD guy hands me our drinks. Then the kids' milks (which I found out were expired by the way when we got home). Then a bag.

I'm so frustrated with everything I drive off.

Before he can give me the Happy Meals.

And I don't realize it until we get home.

No dinner for the kids.

Mommy is wet, covered with mud, hungry, tired, and overwhelmed.

The kids are wondering what/if they are going to eat.

Jack is screaming.

Deonne is nowhere around to help.

I finally sat the kids down at the table, halved my chicken sandwich, dumped some fries on plates for them, gave them the remaining milk from the gallon in the fridge, made Jack a bottle, and retreated to my room. Where he promptly fell asleep when sucking his bottle. And I dissolved into tears.

This is one of those days when being a mommy just isn't fun.

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  1. Not fun, but it sure made a great story!! :) Oh, how I've been there...It's always nice to hear other Moms tell stories that are so similar to my experiences. Isn't it nice to know you're not alone in your chaos? Rain, hunger, 3 kids, fatigue and high heels are definitely a lethal combination. I hope you're feeling better today!! :)